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About Us

Precision Fabrication for More Than Half a Century

Met-L-Fab has served demanding OEMs and their suppliers with precision components that provide the strength, ductility, and other properties required, since 1964. Our technicians translate customers' 3D CAD files into a CNC process that is practical and cost-effective for part quantities ranging from prototype to production run.

Met-L-Fab precision CNC machining can produce highly consistent, thick walls without sink or warp; wall thicknesses can vary within the component if specified. Tolerances of +/- 0.005" are typical.


Equipment and Materials

Met-L-Fab works with mild and stainless steels, aluminum and yellow metals. Our manufacturing services include shearing, turret press punching, laser cutting, bending, grinding and stud insertion; mig, tig and spot welding.

Finishes can be supplied "as milled" or "bead blast;" we also offer polishing, phosphating, wet paint and powder coating, and silk screening.


Met-L-Fab Specializes in Electronic Enclosures, Equipment
Enclosures, Rackmount Chassis and Contract Manufacturing.

Cininatti, Ohio manufacturer of chassis, hood vents, and kit assemblies.

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Electronic enclosures are our specialty, and we have more experience, with more different types of chassis, than any manufacturer. We cater to companies who require low to medium volumes of product, and can meet very aggressive delivery schedules.

Electronic enclosures fabricated by Met-L-Fab are widely used for computers and HMIs, laboratory and testing equipment and telecom and network operations racking systems. We are honored to serve a broad range of OEMs, as well as key suppliers to telecommunications, military, aerospace, and transportation.